I'm a Product Designer from the Philippines who rides her bike a lot around the city and organizes and attends meetups in local tech and design communities. I have been in the industry for around 6 years, where I worked in various industries, from fintech to digital media to collegiate gaming.
I am currently a Figma Community Advocate at Friends of Figma, Philippines. I was also a Community Pillar Co-Lead at UXPH and helped organize the UXPH Roadshow 2019 and UXPH Conference 2020. I am also a verified ADPList Mentor since September 2020.
At the start of the pandemic, I also started a Discord server with my friends called Tambayan 404, a community where Filipinos in Tech can hang out, chill, and not talk about work.
I currently have two bikes: a red Merida road bike, and a Bickerton folding bike. I love riding my bikes anywhere I possibly can, and advocate for active mobility and for safer and more inclusive transportation.

What I’m looking for

I’m interested in working closely with design systems and learning more about how to further connect business needs with user needs and create and maintain products that fulfill both worlds.