Balatro is now my latest obsession. 🎮

I know I have a lot of other things I wanna do… but… huhu games ;u;

Currently still in hibernating mode after my trip to Singapore. Before that, there was also our department’s team building 😆

Need rest after all that socializing and moving about 😴

Despite feeling a bit out of it and kinda staying within my comfort zone, today was a good first full day at Singapore.

I’ll do my best in the next coming days to get over my fear and just try out food at a hawker centre. 😆 I’m now more prepared and have actual cash in hand just in case hahaha

Staying in the hostel for now because I am still getting my bearings being in another country lol solo traveler moment 😆

I am technically here for Figma Config APAC as well, so I’ll just do a bit of design stuff on the side 😁

Going to Singapore later! 😄 First time ever. I’m setting up ways for me to take notes down both online and offline, in the hopes of having enough notes by the end of my trip to gather my thoughts and make myself a highlights recap. 😆

finally finished sorting through the stuff I hauled from my old unit! There’s still a big pile and bags of clothes that are set aside, but at the very least they’re all bundled up together. The rest of the things have been sorted to either trash, or for keeping somewhere. 😆

I’ll also be at Singapore by the first week of July, because I’m attending Figma Config APAC 2024 in-person 😄

Will be my first time in Singapore, so I’ve been asking around for recommendations on things to do. Am also gonna be working remotely there, but contemplating if I should just file the rest of the week as PTO so I could explore a bit more 😆

The past month or so has been super hectic! But part of getting back to routine (for me) is also posting on this side of the internet, hence why I’m here again! 😆

I want to eventually figure out a better way to manage my fediverse posting :)) but for now, this’ll have to do

Chi looking at the camera and smiling while at her home workstation, consisting of two monitors mounted on monitor arms, an iPad propped up, and a Macbook Pro elevated with a laptop stand in the middle of her two monitors. On her desk is her split keyboard, her trackball mouse which Chi is holding, and a full deskmat. The chair Chi is sitting on is still a normal dining chair, not her computer chair. Her setup is facing the window, letting natural light in.

My home office setup is (almost) complete 😁

(almost because I haven’t moved my computer chair from the old place yet 😆)

Life update

Felt like writing this down and putting it here as a reference on some life updates I’m comfy to share:

Moving places

I started moving in with my current partner now in a shared space. This is definitely going to be a new situation to explore, but we’re both game to face it and go through it together. The prospect is exciting, and I’m hoping this gives me the bump up in terms of Quality of Life that I’ve been longing for so long—something I realized after thinking about stuff I wanted to do in the future.

Part of me wonders why when my partner brought this up, that I didn’t panic as much as I would have had this happened before. Technically this is a big move, a big change, and it’s life-changing. But at the same time… I guess, I already saw it was gonna happen sooner or later, so it made sense as the next step? Not necessarily a small or super big step, but just… a step. A step forward.

For sure there’ll be bumps on this road my partner and I are taking together, but I’m determined to see these through. And he’s shared the same sentiment. Here’s hoping I look back at this post with a smile on my face.

Learning to deal with disappointing others

In this case… it’s my parents. I’ve already moved out of their house for 2 years now, but of course we’re still talking, updating each other about life, and occasionally meeting to eat together as a family again.

But this time around, I had to give them the news of what I shared above. And they were both not happy, what with them both having traditional values and all. My partner and I are not married (yet(?)) but we also both recognize that this would be helpful for us in the long run. That clashes with traditional or conservative views, though. So… I really just had to face the reality that I’d be disappointing and possibly hurting my parents with this decision.

This might not be much to others, but I realized it was to me. Growing up, I always did my best to “be in the right”, and if ever there were any sketchy shit I was getting into, that I’d do everything to hide that as much as possible. The sketchy shit weren’t really, like… super controversial (in my opinion). Just the usual vices young adults tend to get into as they go through life.

But… there. I guess writing this down also is my way of coping with the situation. It’s still technically an “unresolved” situation, but I’m doing my best to make my resolve firm and just face the consequences and make do with what I have currently. I’ll just continue moving forward. I have to, in order to grow as a person.

I guess… that’s mostly it. That’s what I wanted to share.

With this update in my life, I’m hoping I get to do more things that I want, given that it’s me literally choosing myself and my needs as well. It’s scary, but I’ll do it anyway.

It’s also my birth month, so I find some symbolism as well with how my life is now changing more on this date, at the start of this month. Hopefully with this change, I find growth and also get a better sense of who I am. Hopefully I get to know myself better enough to love myself more and more for each passing day.

Here’s to changing for the better.

I didn’t get to finish the April photoblogging challenge again 🥲 But oh well, at least I got to update it for most of the month!

Gonna write another post to just share updates on life as well.

as the weeks pass I hear more and more sirens 😟 kung hindi ambulance, fire truck. huhu

Haven’t been able to catch up to the challenges again 😅 been busy the past few days

I’m so happy I saw this immediately in my videos to watch!! Excited for Part 2, this Part 1 was super great and reminds me of all the times I’ve gotten so excited over stuff with One Piece 🥹

Alright, I’m home. IT’S TIME TO PLAY… 🎮 Hades 2 (technical test)!!! 😁 excited to explore the first area~

wonder what’s gonna happen in the coming month. lots of (potential) changes.

📷 Day 22: blue #mbApr

Taken last 24 June 2022. Second to the last gig I got to attend of Banna Harbera performing. They stopped putting new music out later that year too, but I was thankful I still got to attend some of the gigs when they were still playing. 🥹

Banna Harbera performing at the 2022 Fête de la Musique Philippines. Both the main vocalist and lead guitar and vocalist are lit in a cool blue hue. Both of them are focused on singing the song, as shown in their expressions.

It’s so hot. It’s been so hot the past few weeks. 🥵😢 sigh huhu

📷 Day 21: mountain #mbApr

Took a photo of this mountain while riding a taxi with other tourists who were also figuring out how to get to Jioufen 😆 Taken last April 10, 2023!

A mountain covered with vegetation near Jioufen in Taiwan. A small thin cloud is seen on the tip of the mountain. A bus is seen on the right side of the photo because Chi took this as she was seated on the front passenger seat while going up the road.

📷 Day 20: ice #mbApr

I forgot what this drink was called 🤣 but it was a nice cocktail from Hakid 😁

A mixed orange cocktail in a tall glass with a dried orange as a garnish, with ice in the drink as well.