TIL there’s support for even blockquotes in FigJam text 😮

    Discovered this while writing a shorthand guide in FigJam. I’m surprised how fancy the block quote looks, I didn’t expect there’d be support for it here since usually the support is limited to just the list making and bold, italics, and maybe strikethrough. :))

    First thought that came to mind was, maybe you could use FigJam as a visual way to draft an article? 😆 Anyway, just sharing this nice surprise I encountered 😄

    Screenshot of a written guide to using Markdown for text formatting in FigJam. The image displays a table with two columns: 'What to type' and 'Expected outcome.' It instructs users on how to create headings with '#,' bulleted lists with '-' or '*', numbered lists with '[any digit].', italicize with '-', bold with '**', strikethrough with '~', and block quotes with '>[space]'. The bottom of the image shows an example of a block quote formatting, indicating that a longer quote will be followed by a line beneath the initial quotation mark.

    A great read on the opportunities for AI in accessibility: alistapart.com/article/o…

    It also has links to articles that are critical of AI as a tool, and I think that nuance is important when discussing this tool in particular.

    Personally, I do align with this particular sentiment because it’s also something I’ve wondered for a while: AI could be used to help make things more accessible on the web, or for our tech in general.

    I’m so happy there’s a Figma plugin to make APNG files, I can make animated Discord stickers now :3 hehez

    to add, this is the Figma plugin! Forgot to link to it earlier: www.figma.com/community…

    I’m wondering why Microsoft Teams hasn’t changed their functionality of typing emojis from using parentheses () to using colons ::. Is it a remnant of old tech from Skype (?) and they just never bothered to change it? 🤔

    In a world that’s more used to using colons : for typing emojis, it’s becoming more and more an outlier 😆

    I’m not even sure if that really was from Skype haha it’s been so long since I’ve last used it that I don’t remember much anymore 🙈 please correct me if I’m wrong haha

    lmao at this ““not mandatory”” checkbox for marketing opt-in 😂😂 what can I expect, I’m trying to get free WiFi lol

    Screenshot of a website with the logo Social Wave on the upper left corner for availing free WiFi. The prompt to log in has a checkbox that has the label, “I agree to receive news and offers”. The checkbox itself is highlighted red, and underneath the checkbox is an error alert message that reads, “Please accept the marketing opt-in to stay up to date. This is not mandatory!

    First full day in Austria 🇦🇹!

    there was a lot of walking, and just mostly getting used to the weather 😆

    Here is the before and after I realized I needed a thicker coat to not feel super cold in today’s windy and cloudy day 😆🙈🥶

    Photo of Chi next to Salzach River. It is a sunny day, with some clouds seen but not blocking the sunlight. Chi is wearing shades, and a red puffer jacket hiding her outfit of a blue crop top that has the pattern of an old blanket from her childhood, a black turtleneck, and a black long skirt. She has her backpack behind her back. A row of leaf-less trees are seen behind her.

    Candid photo of Chi next to the Salzach River wearing her boyfriend’s big winter jacket, with the hood going on top of her head and seemingly eating her because of how big the jacket is. The sky is a dark blue, with more clouds in sight, and the sun has set already.

    🛬 Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹 Now to wait for the specific train I bought tickets for to head to Salzburg 😁

    I’m so early hahaha

    seems amusing that while in Qatar airport’s free wifi, I can’t seem to connect to:

    • Telegram
    • set up my VPN? (though this might be with my VPN app too 🤔)

    but Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger work fine 😆

    ah well, I’ll chill in my own bubble for the meantime :))

    It’s time to fly! First stop: Qatar for layover 😄

    Made a mental note not to delete the spam messages I would get today before I left for my flight. Trying to see if there was a method to the madness.

    SIM registration anuna haha this keeps happening and mas marami pa nga eh 🫠 kahapon din kasi it felt more pero I would delete (and occasionally block the number) when I got it. Now I’m thinking if I’ll try to collate these numbers and then see if any numbers keep sending the same spam to me.

    screenshot of Chi’s Messages list, with the spam messages from unknown senders shown with full view of the numbers and the rest of her messages blurred out.

    I just ordered later dinner lmao I guess I’ll be up until… 1-2AM today 😂

    Part of me wonders if I’m packing (really) light for my Austria-Berlin trip 😂 it’s only 10 days. I’m thinking I just need enough clothes to make sure I don’t freeze my ass over there (assuming I encounter snow or just the winter-but-almost-spring weather (?))

    back to my red nail polish era 💅 Chi holding her left hand up to cover her mouth, while extending her fingers more to show off her newly polished red nails from her manicure.

    Also just playing 🎮 Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth until my trip on Tuesday 😆 gotta progress the story as much as possible :))

    I am literally just looping through 6 songs right now

    A screenshot of Chi’s Liked Songs playlist on Spotify, with the following songs shown: Assumptions by Sam Gellaitry from the IV album, A Pimp Named Slickback by Lakim from the Classics II album, I GOT YOU by TWICE from the I GOT YOU album, Oddloop by frederic from the oddloop album, Love In My Pocket by Rich Brian from the Love In My Pocket album, and ALL MY FELLAS by Frizk from the ALL MY FELLAS album.

    I kept using the word “maleta” that I forgot what the English word for it was 💀 it’s suitcase! 😆

    Looking through Google Maps now to familiarize myself with my Europe trip next week. I’ve already gone to the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof before because I’ve ridden the train then to go to Berlin, but now I need to figure out my route from the hbf to my hotel in Salzburg. 😆

    It’s so refreshing to see wide sidewalks while tracing my route, and so many people were captured riding their bikes on Google Maps. There’s also lots of bike parking everywhere. I’m so excited 🤩

    I also learned that the inside of the hbf is included in Google Maps 😆 that’s cool hahaha

    even if I have the keys to my unit in my hand when I go out I still have this moment where I doubt I got the correct keys 🙃

    I finally have a few books I’m eyeing to buy again. But this time I’m thinking of just getting ebooks… As much as I would like a physical representation of the few books I have, part of me wonders how I’ll go about bringing them around 🥲

    new sheets really make you want to melt into your bed 💤

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