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  • @Burk onguard ones? 😄 from what I know those are the most robust!

  • @vincent ah, I'm on iOS 😆 so I think I'll get to reap the benefits of what you're working on now :))

  • @crossingthethreshold that is a lovely red bike 😎❤️

  • @odd thanks! good to hear 😆 what's your matchy matchy color? :))

  • @val thank you! ❤️😄

  • @jean the grid does look nice! 😁 lovely red day hehe

  • @rickcogley aww, it's okay. I hope they are very good bois / girls! 😆

  • @meandering such a cute and fluffy statue!!

  • @vincent thank you for the work and effort you've done, for both fronts! 🫶

    Am happy to learn and confirm that you were involved in working on updates for the app 😄 honestly, I gravitated to Gluon more because of a color preference (I love the color red). But I shall follow your words and use the official app moving forward hehe

  • @rickcogley whoa! Would love to see photos of these doggies if you have any 😆 Akitas are super duper cute and St Bernards are also big adorable absolute units 🥰

  • @sim0ne yeah, I wanna be more deliberate in documenting things, but I personally do that so far in the form of stories... But I wanna do it in long form posts as well 😆 I guess I just gotta set some time aside to do that, which is the hard part hahaha

  • @rom hey hey! this is a familiar place 😁

  • @khurtwilliams yup, what @jemostrom said 😄 the style of this bike has wheels on the rear rack so it's easy to move around even in folded mode 😊

    it's a brompton copy though, a Banian 😆

  • @miguelmanalo @rom oooh omg this is so cool!! 😄

  • @Burk that looks so pretty! ✨

  • @meandering that sounds wonderful!

  • @maique yeah, I like the fact that it just shows the Markdown for the images immediately, and you just edit as if you're writing a markdown post. I'll keep this in mind if ever I find the want to change things up a bit with how I post things 😆

  • @sunlit works so far for me to post stuff for this photoblogging challenge. Maybe I could also try it out when I'm posting a lot of photos + writing long form posts? 🤔

    Just noticed the "New Section" thing, haven't really explored this yet, maybe I'll try it out when I'm sharing photos of my Thailand trip. 😁

  • @meandering looks like a lovely view while biking, even if stationary 😄

  • @maique I've used IA Writer in the past, though from what I've gathered, it's now a paid app, and I don't do a lot of writing yet to I guess justify paying it even if it is a one-time purchase 😅

    Now checking the price of Mimi compared to iA Writer... seems like that's something I'll consider eventually. I've been taking lots of photos or like uploading lots of photos when posting lately and Mimi + Drafts could be what would work for on the fly stuff... 🤔

  • @jean hooray, thanks Jean! I'm looking for photos to post 😁

  • @miguelmanalo thank you! 🥰 I'm going to Thailand 😄 but I can't share much info yet this week, maybe afterwards :))

  • @chiawase what ended up working was just registering my information again. I hope they fix the update entry flow, to save people from having to enter all their info every time they fly in and out of the Philippines.

  • @rom hmm, no one seems to be listed yet from Apple from their website 😅

  • @sim0ne hello po! Happy to see another Pinoy hehe :D