my outfit for today! I need to get another cardigan type and maybe white sneakers so I can rotate around outfit pieces more 😆

    Chi's ouftit, which is a red turtleneck sheer top tucked in her long beige skirt, and with a gray cardigan and black sandals. She's also wearing her signature makeup look, which is cat eye eyeliner and red lipstick.

    📷 Day 24: belt #mbsept

    I’m not really one for belts on my everyday outfits so this was a bit hard 😅 here’s an old photo of me at a shooting range wearing a holster belt lol

    Chi wearing a cap, with her hair tied in a ponytail and swept to the side of her shoulder, a maroon fitted top, and black pants and black shoes. Around her belt and thigh is the belt holster for carrying guns. She's holding onto the noise-dampening headset and she has protective eyeglasses on, and also has a mask on.

    finally got my ffxiv-themed bucket hats!!! 🥰🌱 they are so cute huhu I can’t wait to wear them with my outfits aaaaa

    Mirror selfie of Chi wearing a white bucket hat with a green sprout icon on it, which usually signifies a new adventurer or new account in FFXIV.Mirror selfie of Chi wearing a black bucket hat with a red disconnected icon, usually signifying someone in FFXIV that the user is having internet problems or got disconnected to the internet.

    📷 Day 18: fabric #mbsept

    I know I already posted this outfit yesterday, but the prompt calls for fabric. So here it is. 😆

    Chi's full outfit. Her top is a cropped button top of what looks similar to blankets that were popularly used for bed when she was a child, with a black undergarment and a black skater skirt. She's also wearing black stockings and black boots, with her Figma two-toned orange and blue socks peeking above her boots. On her shoulder is her Figma grid tote bag.

    📷 Day 15: red #mbsept

    My outfit yesterday while with my bike 😁 red dress, red bike, red bag 😆

    Chi posing with her red folded trifold bike. She is wearing a red long dress with a white undershirt, and slung on her shoulder is her red front bike bag. She is at a shared office space, with some indoor plants seen behind her.

    all I can post now so far are my outfits for the day 😅 please bear with me as I keep myself quiet on the things I’m doing currently haha

    This outfit is a staple for me, the top is actually from my mom 😊

    Chi’s outfit for the day shown in a mirror selfie: white polka-dot on black v-neck fitted top with a sheer black long sleeved collared coverup, and long black flared pants.

    Good morning! 🌞

    Mirror elevator selfie of Chi showing her current outfit for the day: a long-sleeved blue polo shirt with a leaves pattern tucked in a long beige skirt.

    Chi’s breakfast from the hotel: scrambled egg with ham and cheese, a chicken sausage, some steamed vegetables, sweet and sour fish, with egg fried rice and a brownie. She also has a bowl of Koko Crunch chocolate cereal.


    Elevator mirror selfie of Chi showing off her outfit: a green knitted sleeveless top and beige long A-line skirt, and a gray cardigan to complete the look. Seen peeking on the lower right portion of the mirror is her luggage.

    Chi’s luggage for her 5-day trip. She’s bringing her GoFar Bromp bag as a sling bag, and she also has the rest of her stuff in her suitcase.

    had to wear the jacket going back home because of a bit of drizzle 😆 also used the rain cover for my front bag this time around!

    wide-angled selfie of Chi in her bike commute attire, with her cycling cap and helmet combo, plus her water resistant jacket for rainy rides.

    can’t go wrong with a shirt and shorts 😁 out for errands today!

    Chi showing her outfit for the day, which is a white shirt top with a print of the Kanagawa Waves, black shorts, and black rubber shoes.

    my hair did not dry properly. 😆

    First ride with Candy out on the road!

    wide angled selfie of Chi on her trifold bike while waiting on the side of the road

    photo of Chi with her red trifold bike, showing her outfit and her bike commute setup

    I need more comfy cardigans. 😅

    Sharing my outfit from yesterday when I went to the office. First time wearing pants after a long while! I used up all my skirt outfits recently so I figured I could change things up a bit for myself 😄 📷