Photoblogging Challenges

    📷 Day 22: blue #mbApr

    Taken last 24 June 2022. Second to the last gig I got to attend of Banna Harbera performing. They stopped putting new music out later that year too, but I was thankful I still got to attend some of the gigs when they were still playing. 🥹

    Banna Harbera performing at the 2022 Fête de la Musique Philippines. Both the main vocalist and lead guitar and vocalist are lit in a cool blue hue. Both of them are focused on singing the song, as shown in their expressions.

    📷 Day 21: mountain #mbApr

    Took a photo of this mountain while riding a taxi with other tourists who were also figuring out how to get to Jioufen 😆 Taken last April 10, 2023!

    A mountain covered with vegetation near Jioufen in Taiwan. A small thin cloud is seen on the tip of the mountain. A bus is seen on the right side of the photo because Chi took this as she was seated on the front passenger seat while going up the road.

    📷 Day 20: ice #mbApr

    I forgot what this drink was called 🤣 but it was a nice cocktail from Hakid 😁

    A mixed orange cocktail in a tall glass with a dried orange as a garnish, with ice in the drink as well.

    📷 Day 19: birthday #mbApr

    My birthday’s coming up soon. Throwback to this gift the WeWork staff where I used to co-work at gave me 😁🍷

    A wine bottle is on a marbled countertop with a greeting card in front of it. The text reads, "A note from our community team: Chi! Happy birthday Daryl, Paul, Hazel, & Sumana"

    📷 Day 18: mood #mbApr

    This horse/donkey statue is a mood after the events of this week. 😆

    A gray horse or donkey statue lying down on the grass, with its legs up in the air, and seemingly basking in the sun.

    📷 Day 17: transcendence #mbApr

    I guess this can count? 😆 This was taken after we rode over 140km around Taichung last April 2023. This was the our actual Strava ride up to Sun Moon Lake 😄 I can’t believe I pulled it off then! I don’t really do long rides that much anymore 😅

    Chi posing with her right hand raised to gesture to her background, which is the Sun Moon Lake in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. She has the bike she borrowed from her friend parked in front of her, with the 2 other bikes of her friends laid on the ground just behind her. Chi is wearing a red crop top shirt and black shorts, as well as a bike helmet and fingerless gloves.

    Stumped again for what to post for #mbApr day 17 🙈 I’ll mull it over this day hahaha

    📷 Day 16: flâneur #mbApr

    Was chilling outside the hotel on my first full day in Salzburg back in February. I asked my boyfriend to take this photo of me because I found it amusing that I’m so cold I need my jacket… but here I am, going out in slippers 😆 I needed to balance the temp 😛

    Chi is seated on a sofa outside of her hotel and is looking towards the left of the photo, which is where the road is but it's not seen. She's wearing a red puffer jacket and black leggings to keep warm, but also is seen wearing slippers.

    📷 Day 15: small #mbApr

    “Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world.” (African Wisdom / Afrikanische Weisheit)

    Took this photo while walking along the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

    Urban art found on the East Side Gallery with text that reads, first in German: “Viele kleine Leute die in vielen kleinen Orten viele kleine Dinge tun, können das Gesicht der Welt verändern.” and then in English: “Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world.” underneath the text block is the credits to "Afrikanische Weisheit"—African wisdom in english.

    📷 Day 14: cactus #mbApr

    This is the only photo I have with a cactus in it 😆 Tried an iced coffee drink in the local mall a while back. It was OK. Nothing much to say about it 😝

    Chi is holding up an iced coffee beverage in a container with the label 19° on it. In the background, a neon sign that reads "Sealed Freshness" in cursive is surrounded by fake cacti plants on a white wall.

    📷 Day 13: page #mbApr

    Took a photo of this page spread from a book I was reading while going around Taiwan back in April 2023. I just thought it was intriguing.

    “Whether instructed to stroke ten thousand cycles or even just a few hundred, the computer never complains. It always complies.”

    A page spread from a book where there is a drawing of an infinity loop repeatedly drawn to span both pages. The left page is colored black with white lines, while the right page—with is where the focus is—is white with black lines. There is text at the bottom right corner of the page which reads: "Whether instructed to stroke ten thousand cycles or even just a few hundred, the computer never complains. It always complies."

    📷 Day 12: magic #mbApr

    Saw these cool shiny playing cards yesterday while at my friend’s cafe and lounge.

    Chi is holding a deck of cards partially fanned out in her right hand. The cards themselves have a sheen texture, with the faces or symbols of each of the playing cards just a darker black to make it obvious when light shines on the surface of the card.

    📷 Day 11: sky #mbApr

    Tried windsurfing back in February 2022. That was fun! I’d like to do it again someday 😁

    Chi is controlling a windsurfer going to the right of the point-of-view while in the middle of Caliraya Lake in Laguna. The blue sky takes up majority of the shot, with a few clouds and some sun rays visible. In the background, a forest can be seen lining up right before the shore that draws a line in the middle of the shot.

    📷 Day 10: train #mbApr

    Hmm, train. Train… station? 😁

    Took a photo of this self-service ticketing machine while waiting for the S-Bahn in Berlin. It still made use of paper for the tickets bought here, but it works. Goes to show even if you don’t fully digitize something, if it works, it works 😆

    A self-service ticketing machine with two verification stands in front of the stairs leading to the entrance of the S-Bahn in Berlin.

    📷 Day 9: crispy #mbApr

    Look at them crispy hibiscus popcorn and rice flakes on top of this poke bowl I ate somewhere around Salzburg 😁

    A poke bowl with hibiscus popcorn, rice flakes, corn, carrots, edamame, tomatoes, sesame seeds, and leafy greens all in a blue bowl.

    📷 Day 8: prevention #mbApr

    Food is apt for this prompt, I guess. Lately I’ve been (re)figuring out how I’d feed or sustain myself as I live alone.

    On good days, I do cook myself something, but admittedly I just do simple fried dishes. Trying to explore other… more cost-effective ways soon.

    Chi's usual breakfast meal, which is a hot coffee with sugar and creamer and fried luncheon meat with a couple of scoops of rice. Her utensils are chopsticks, and her meal is placed in a bowl.

    📷 Day 7: well-being #mbApr

    Interpreted this as, which would showcase how comfy and content I was?

    This is one example: me being eaten by my boyfriend’s jacket because I underestimated the cold during that evening 😆

    Chi is laughing while wearing her boyfriend's black big winter jacket with a fluffy hoodie, because it looks like she's being eaten by the jacket with the hoodie on top of her head. Behind her is the Salzach in Salzburg, Austria. The sky is dim, because it's early evening.

    📷 Day 6: windy #mbApr

    I realize I don’t have any (recent?) photo showing any wind (or photos of windy places for that matter) so here’s a selfie I took last year while riding around Taiwan on a bike. There would be super windy days that I learned to just put on more layers if I’m biking around 😆

    📷 Day 5: serene #mbApr

    Took photos while walking along the riverside during my visit to Austria last February. I wanna go back soon. Things were peaceful then.

    Chi looking toward the distance in front of the Salzach. The sun is shining from the upper right corner of the photo, and in the distance the University of Salzburg is in full view.

    📷 Day 4: foliage #mbApr

    Took a photo of this cat with one of its legs not tucked under while I was at the Houtong Cat Village last year.

    A black and white colored cat curled under the branches of a potted plant, taking cover from the sun. One of the cat's legs is laid down on the side of the ledge.
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