Reflections on trust in one's self, and dealing with impatience

    I’ll be rambling on a bit about thoughts I’ve had in the past… month or so after this section. I initially thought I’d just post this on Mastodon with its content warning setup, but I wanna feel more comfy writing about my thoughts in whatever form here, not having everything be curated for a particular purpose or use.

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    📷 day 26: beverage #mbsept

    I found this glass of juice amusingly big. So I put my hand next to it to see the comparison in size 😆

    Chi's glass filled with mango juice, with a really big glass. The size is as big and wide as her hand, which is positioned right next to the glass for comparison. In the background, her companion's drink is also visible: a red drink, but Chi forgot what it was.

    📷 day 25: flare #mbsept

    Flare… flame? Fire? 😆😅

    A Thai folk dancer holding onto 3 different lighted torches, 2 on their hands and one double-ended torch held by their right foot, dancing a traditional Thai dance. This performance was captured one evening in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    oof i missed another day haha yesterday really was a daze

    my tummy is being weird again this morning sobs tapos i woke up with a migraine pa reeeee let us get through this day 😤

    📷 Day 24: belt #mbsept

    I’m not really one for belts on my everyday outfits so this was a bit hard 😅 here’s an old photo of me at a shooting range wearing a holster belt lol

    Chi wearing a cap, with her hair tied in a ponytail and swept to the side of her shoulder, a maroon fitted top, and black pants and black shoes. Around her belt and thigh is the belt holster for carrying guns. She's holding onto the noise-dampening headset and she has protective eyeglasses on, and also has a mask on.

    finally got my ffxiv-themed bucket hats!!! 🥰🌱 they are so cute huhu I can’t wait to wear them with my outfits aaaaa

    Mirror selfie of Chi wearing a white bucket hat with a green sprout icon on it, which usually signifies a new adventurer or new account in FFXIV.Mirror selfie of Chi wearing a black bucket hat with a red disconnected icon, usually signifying someone in FFXIV that the user is having internet problems or got disconnected to the internet.

    wow, september really just passed by. Can’t believe we’re almost nearing the end of the month now 🙈

    📷 day 23: a day in the life #mbsept

    took this earlier when I got back home. Those are some heavy rain clouds 😳 not to mention a bleak late morning given the smog 😷💨

    A peek out of Chi's window, where the rain clouds look lower than usual, obscuring the usual city skyline you'd see from the central business district where she lives.

    In other news: I finished playing 🎮 Yakuza: Like a Dragon last night, like at around 1:40AM with how long the end cutscene was 😂

    Now it makes me want to go back to my save in Yakuza 0, and slowly go through the series. 😁

    Also excited for the new game coming out in January 2024!

    Broken foldie, but lucky nonetheless: my World Car-Free Day experience

    I wanted to super celebrate World Car-Free Day today by doing my bike commutes to and from work, as usual. Even with the looming smog that was covering Metro Manila, which initially was suspected to be from the Taal Volcano down south but apparently is most likely from motor vehicle emissions, I wanted to still keep up the notion that biking is and should be something more people do.

    Yet today will not go as planned.

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    📷 Day 22: road #mbsept

    Selfie of me riding along the roads of MueangKaen, Chiang Mai, Thailand! 😄

    Wide angle selfie of Chi riding a bike, wearing her red popcorn cycling cap, kumot crop top, and black shorts, riding along one of the roads around the MueangKaen municipality at Chiang Mai, Thailand. Behind her are some trees, and the road is narrow enough for one person on a bike to pass with ease.

    📷 Day 21: (not) fall(ing) #mbsept 😆

    These bikes are not falling. As they are propped up each other. 😆

    Two full bikes leaning against each other, making them both be balanced and not falling over.

    📷 Day 20: disruption #mbsept

    Here’s a photo of my dad messing with my grandma’s cat, Oscar, who was chilling on the stairs. 😆

    Oscar, a white cat, seen on top and edge of some stairs with his eyes closed. Seen to his right side is a pointed finger of Chi's dad, seemingly poking or just playing with him while Oscar chills at his spot.

    sheesh i gotta catch up again on the photoblogging challenge.

    these past few days have been crazy 🥴

    my week started with a bad case of impostor syndrome, but now I am recuperating.

    I still need to deal with it though. Haven’t fully addressed it yet, but I guess I’ll get there. Soon. Eventually 😅

    📷 day 19: edge #mbsept

    late post! meant to do this yesterday but i kinda forgot lol

    Chi hanging on the edge of a red songthaew, a Thailand public vehicle. She is mimicking the feeling of also hanging on the back end part of a Philippine jeepney, where commuters sometimes do this because the inside is already full.

    📷 Day 18: fabric #mbsept

    I know I already posted this outfit yesterday, but the prompt calls for fabric. So here it is. 😆

    Chi's full outfit. Her top is a cropped button top of what looks similar to blankets that were popularly used for bed when she was a child, with a black undergarment and a black skater skirt. She's also wearing black stockings and black boots, with her Figma two-toned orange and blue socks peeking above her boots. On her shoulder is her Figma grid tote bag.

    📷 Day 17: intense #mbsept

    yep, that’s 4 different kinds of drinks. 😅 there was a time I had no problems doing this one time. But now, I will pass. lolz

    4 different alcoholic drinks lined up, from top to bottom: a bottle of beer, a Jägerbomb, a Tequila shot, and a rum shot.

    • kumot crop top • figma socks • figma tote bag

    full on designer mode jk 😂 ootd for UX+! see u at SMX MOA later 😄

    Mirror selfie of Chi wearing a crop top with the pattern of a Filipino blanket, black skater skirt, black leggings, Figma patterned socks and black boots. On her right shoulder is her Friends of Figma black-on-white grid patterned tote bag.

    good god what is that haze outside

    I feel bad I’m having to decide whether I should commit to the bit and bike commute to the design conference I’m attending later or just join my officemate’s Grab carpool later 🫠

    Part of me wants to show it is doable, but I also know that it might be hard at the current state huhu sobs

    📷 Day 16: oof! #mbsept

    This is a ramp at the mall near my place. It has been “under maintenance” for like 2 months already, with no visible damage.

    A ramp meant to make the entrance more accessible to PWDs, but is cordoned off with a sign on it that reads, "Sorry for the inconvenience / Maintenance in progress to serve you better" by SM Light Mall.

    📷 Day 15: red #mbsept

    My outfit yesterday while with my bike 😁 red dress, red bike, red bag 😆

    Chi posing with her red folded trifold bike. She is wearing a red long dress with a white undershirt, and slung on her shoulder is her red front bike bag. She is at a shared office space, with some indoor plants seen behind her.

    omg yay my prompt is next for tomorrow 😁

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