random note to self: the goal is to have more intentional experiences moving forward, wag na madala sa flow of things 😆

    ok lang naman siguro yun sa simula pero kung may gusto baguhin, gawan ng paraan at i-follow through na lang siya 😄

    honestly I find it so funny that my stats for 🎮 Baldur’s Gate 3 is like this HAHA the jab is totally real, I still haven’t left Act One :((((((

    Screenshot of Chi's Baldur's Gate 3 stats from her 2023 Steam Year in Review. The text underneath the game title reads: "If you said you spent all that time in Act One we'd believe you." Chi's stats show that she has 16% of Total Playtime with the game, with 21 Sessions Played and a 6 Day Streak. There's a vertical bar graph as well that shows the months of the year, and August is the only one with a bar shown, since Chi only really got to play it fully during the game's release in August. She also has a total of 20 achievements unlocked this year.

    2023 Steam Year in Review time!! 🎮

    To view the rest: s.team/y23/qgqjw…

    Chi’s Steam Year in Review 2023. She played a total of 32 games, had 402 achievements unlocked, 307 total game sessions, and 26 new games. Chi’s most played games based on percentage of play time are, from left to right: Stardew Valley and Baldur’s Gate 3 both with 16% of playtime, Pharaoh: A New Era with 15% of playtime, Vampire Survivors with 8% of playtime, and Project Zomboid with 7% of playtime.

    Finished 🎮 Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. 🥺😭✊🏻 huhuhuhu

    haaah, i’m blanking out again, brain does not want to brain rn

    feels nice to not feel pressured to post stuff online at all times, and also feels nice to live more in the present 😊

    To all motor vehicle drivers this holiday rush (or any day for that matter), please learn to slow down and be careful.

    You’ll get to your destination eventually. Let us do the same.

    Sincerely, a bike commuter 🚲

    today was a really long day.

    📝 My last week of November in summary

    Finally back home to my unit after being at home with my parents for the week!

    I was on leave for the whole week at work, because:

    1. I’m trying to finish up my leaves, since I can’t carry them over to next year
    2. it was my parent’s anniversary this week, and I also haven’t been home for a while

    I literally did nothing else at home but lie down and watch videos on my phone. I did bring my iPad, but I currently don’t know where the other end of its charger is, so after I used up the batteries, I was too lazy to figure out charging it back up.

    I also last minute attended a bike event on Wednesday. It technically can be considered historical for our local active mobility advocacy, considering that it was the Department of Health that spearheaded the bike to work activity with government officials with us, including the Secretary of DOH himself. After that short morning ride, all I did the rest of that day was rewatch the One Piece anime. 😆

    For the rest of the days I was with my family, it was mostly what I expected would happen: my dad having a weird ass petty tantrum again, giving my mom the silent treatment, while we go out as a family to have lunch because it’s their wedding anniversary. And my mom just taking it all and not saying anything since it’s the “fastest” way to deal with the situation in the long run. lmao

    all for show and no actions to reconcile with my mom or whatever.

    I’m happy my mom and I ended the week with both of us going with her close friends to a hot spring spa 😌 despite everything, that was a good way to end the week. I’m happy her catch up with her friends is now more frequent as well; I hope that she gets more and more of these breaks and times for herself where she can enjoy and do whatever she wants.

    Finished work for the week. Starting tomorrow until next week, I’m on leave, but I still have a bunch of things to do.

    Hopefully staying with family won’t be something I dread next week. 😅 Ah, either way, my mom and I are gonna go to a spa by end of next week. Should be fun 😁

    Yayyyy finally got my Schengen visa 💖 I’m gonna see my boyfriend next year!! hehehe

    Started my Busuu Premium again, for a year. Mostly on a whim, but also to maybe just have another thing I’m doing during my time that can build up as I go along?

    “aren't you scared?”

    Where have I gone? Where else am I going? Where ever I want. and where ever I need. But sometimes others ask me… . . . aren’t you scared?

    I am. But why should that be the norm? I just want to keep moving while I can. And maybe also serve as an example that it’s doable by anyone. That one can be more free moving about on a bike. And one can ask for things to be better.

    Some says it gets harder, but I hope eventually all our efforts to enact change have an impact in the future.

    I just want to live. I don’t want to be scared to live. I want to thrive while I am able.

    sometimes what makes me more exhausted is my outlook on things talaga.

    gotta work on that. but also just acknowledging what’s currently here lel

    what a weird dream. thankfully, i’m back in reality since i woke up.

    Watched My SHINee World premiere and it was super fun! I do not have regrets 🩵

    While last minute, I watched the premiere showing of My SHINee World at SM Megamall. It was worth it 🥹🤧

    A photo of Chi with the MY SHINee WORLD movie poster backdrop and with freebies from the documentary premiere. In front of her are a photo of the SHINee members (from left to right): Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Key, and Minho all pointing a thumbs up to the right side during one of their concerts. Chi is also posing with a thumbs up to join the SHINee members.

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    gonna be dancing again for a Year End Party 😆 ah, the quirks of being a new hire 😂

    I’m trying to compile a list of things I would want to make up some kinda wishlist… but right now, other than games, and maybe just… general funds to survive day-to-day maybe?? I don’t really want any (material or digital) thing at the moment. 😅

    I got to socialize a bit more today. 😊 It’s funny that now, complaining about traffic is one of the things that people generally talk about where everyone has their own thoughts. I’m happy to participate to add the “sustainable mobility” aspect to the things people think about 😉

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