📝📽 Today, I watched two movies with my friend, Karen. We first watched Oppenheimer, then watched Barbie. It was a fun day to watch two good movies!


I was honestly surprised that Oppenheimer was a 3-hour long movie! We figured that we could start with that since it had a more serious tone based on the film’s premise.

Karen and Chi posing next to the Oppenheimer movie poster.

Before watching the film, I did a bit of research on Oppenheimer’s background and the events that the film was going to cover. I wanted to have a refresher on the context behind the film’s story and why Oppenheimer was such a big name in history. Initially I only really associated him with Einstein and the atomic bomb.

I liked how they showed Oppenheimer’s internal conflict through his body language and the way he carries himself. I was also surprised to learn that apparently, he was also a womanizer? But even with that, it seems like he did have a bond with Kitty.

I also like how the movie ended. I’ll not expound on that much here since the movie really just came out. While it might be based on historical events, I wouldn’t want to spoil how the story was told. It was a grim reminder as well of what the world faced before, and I guess with the looming worries now, it seems as if it’s still a timely reminder rather than just a piece of history that doesn’t have any hopes of happening again.


After the first film, we ate dinner first and then prepared ourselves to watch Barbie. We of course took photos in the Barbie box that seems to be available everywhere there’s a showing for Barbie, and Karen and I naturally both dressed up in pink as a homage to the film.

Chi posing in the Barbie Box promotional stand for the movie, dressed in a pink long-sleeved top and a black long skirt.

Chi and Karen posing in the Barbie Box promotional stand for the movie. Chi is dressed in a pink long-sleeved top and a black long skirt, while Karen is wearing a light pink turtleneck dress with a black blazer.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect from watching Barbie. For this showing, I went in blind. I didn’t watch any trailers, save for seeing a few screenshots of it online from other people’s posts. I just went in with the mindset of, “I wanna see what the hype is all about.”

And the movie was good in its own way, too! It was such a funny and thought-provoking story. It also seemed more mature than what I initially thought it was going to be—AKA be a bit more childish and cater to younger audiences. I guess they knew the age range of the people who’d go out of their way to watch Barbie. 😆

I’m so amused with how Ken and even all the other characters played in the story. While the initial sing-and-dance parts made me cringe a bit, I eventually enjoyed seeing and hearing them sing and dance, even though it was arguably more cringe-y than the first few ones. 😂

Loved all the references too, and it seems like with Mattel connecting their brand to this, it’s their way of “acknowledging” all the stuff that’s transpired since they started selling Barbies as a toy for kids to play with. Both the ups and downs. All while still making lots of money from it still.

High school me would have hated seeing all the marketing for this film. But present me understands it and even finds it cute. 😁

I can’t believe my friend and I spent over 4 hours just watching films. 😆 But that’s most of what happened today! It was fun. I’m happy I have the resources now to simply watch a movie if I wanted to, and know who to do it with. 😄