TIL there’s support for even blockquotes in FigJam text 😮

Discovered this while writing a shorthand guide in FigJam. I’m surprised how fancy the block quote looks, I didn’t expect there’d be support for it here since usually the support is limited to just the list making and bold, italics, and maybe strikethrough. :))

First thought that came to mind was, maybe you could use FigJam as a visual way to draft an article? 😆 Anyway, just sharing this nice surprise I encountered 😄

Screenshot of a written guide to using Markdown for text formatting in FigJam. The image displays a table with two columns: 'What to type' and 'Expected outcome.' It instructs users on how to create headings with '#,' bulleted lists with '-' or '*', numbered lists with '[any digit].', italicize with '-', bold with '**', strikethrough with '~', and block quotes with '>[space]'. The bottom of the image shows an example of a block quote formatting, indicating that a longer quote will be followed by a line beneath the initial quotation mark.