Trying out AirChat (since I got an invite) and, I guess it’s just, this what I’m doing now, the voice post. And… it’s just that so, it’s kinda interesting.

Here is a link.

Went on Web and checked out how the link looked like, and it’s like this below. I guess it’s like the in-between of Video Reels, and you just get the transcript and hear the person saying what’s on the transcript?

So like… async podcasts? 😂 or async voice conversations (??) I don’t know what to think about that kind of format, really. But it’s definitely not the usual. 😆

Screenshot of what the preview looks like from an AirChat link when opened in the browser. In the middle of the screen is a transcript of Chi’s 3 recorded voice messages wrapped around a mobile frame, and on the right of the voice messages wrapper is a QR to scan to download AirChat. The avatar showing Chi’s profile picture in the first message recording has a bunch of blobs bursting behind it, which is a visual cue that that’s the voice memo currently playing. Her full voice memo is: 1, “Hello! Testing this new thing. I guess this is just gonna be a very novel experience. Yeah.” 2, “Makakaintindi kaya to ng Tagalog? I wonder… Kung… Kaya niya yung… Taglish… Like…  How it is in Threads with the voice notes there.” 3, “OMG, kaya siya. So, it looks like gibberish at the start. But then, it eventually… I guess there’s Al that’s trying to understand the voice or the recording and then reorganizing it. Okay. This is cool.