Broken foldie, but lucky nonetheless: my World Car-Free Day experience

    I wanted to super celebrate World Car-Free Day today by doing my bike commutes to and from work, as usual. Even with the looming smog that was covering Metro Manila, which initially was suspected to be from the Taal Volcano down south but apparently is most likely from motor vehicle emissions, I wanted to still keep up the notion that biking is and should be something more people do.

    Yet today will not go as planned.

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    📷 Day 22: road #mbsept

    Selfie of me riding along the roads of MueangKaen, Chiang Mai, Thailand! 😄

    Wide angle selfie of Chi riding a bike, wearing her red popcorn cycling cap, kumot crop top, and black shorts, riding along one of the roads around the MueangKaen municipality at Chiang Mai, Thailand. Behind her are some trees, and the road is narrow enough for one person on a bike to pass with ease.

    📷 Day 21: (not) fall(ing) #mbsept 😆

    These bikes are not falling. As they are propped up each other. 😆

    Two full bikes leaning against each other, making them both be balanced and not falling over.

    I feel bad I’m having to decide whether I should commit to the bit and bike commute to the design conference I’m attending later or just join my officemate’s Grab carpool later 🫠

    Part of me wants to show it is doable, but I also know that it might be hard at the current state huhu sobs

    📷 Day 15: red #mbsept

    My outfit yesterday while with my bike 😁 red dress, red bike, red bag 😆

    Chi posing with her red folded trifold bike. She is wearing a red long dress with a white undershirt, and slung on her shoulder is her red front bike bag. She is at a shared office space, with some indoor plants seen behind her.

    📷 Day 13: glowing #mbsept

    My friends and I retook this photo because the light was apparently directly on top of my head 🤣

    “para kang kinukuha na ng langit” 😂

    Chi posing with her two friends, Karen and Nix, next to their own trifold bikes and setups. On top of Chi's head, a street light is pointed towards the camera, so the top part of her head is obscured by the light.

    📷 Day 10: cycle #mbsept

    how apt that this is today’s prompt 💖 Here’s me with my trifold brompnot during the Car-Free Morning at Ayal Ave. 😁

    Chi smiling and posing with her red Banian trifold bike, which is partially folded, while in the middle of Ayala Avenue because it's a Car-Free Sunday morning event. She is wearing a white t-shirt that has the text, "#KabaBIKEihan" printed, and gray shorts and black sandals. On her bike, her red GoFar front mounted bag is attached, and her red Lumos helmet is also strapped to her bag.

    📷 Day 6: (oh) well #mbsept

    This was a moment that got me to go, “oh well, I’m drenched in the rain, but at least I’m near home.” 😅

    (I tried to see if I took any photos of actual wells, and… I have photos of other things with water, but not wells 😆)

    Selfie of Chi in her rain gear for her bike commute, wearing her red Lumos helmet and a black rain poncho. Both the poncho and her helmet are visibly drenched or have rain drops on them, and Chi's making a dejected or kind of exhausted face.

    I really hope in the future I don’t have to call or check in advance if the venues I’m going to allow (folding) bikes inside, or at the very least have accessible bike parking within or nearby. 🙏🏻

    📷 Day 5: forest #mbsept

    This was from first trip to Europe, back in 2022. We rented bikes and rode along the bike paths around Amsterdam to get around. 😊🚲

    Chi is seen walking and pushing a Dutch bike to her left, while along a bike path somewhere in Amsterdam. The path continues on straight, and lots of trees can be seen lining up both sides of the bike path, providing ample shade from the sun.

    Also: just wanted to compile all the footage from our community visit to MueangKaen municipality in Chiang Mai, Thailand 😁 had so much fun and really felt the warm hospitality from the community 🥰

    Watch YouTube Short: Community visit to MueangKaen, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    So far, since getting my trifold bike, I haven’t booked an Angkas or JoyRide (motor taxi) to go to places by myself.

    I’ve yet to see how I manage this when going out in evenings, though. One of the reasons why I opted for mototaxis instead of biking somewhere was time + activities I’ll do there (potentially drinking). 🤔

    So far I don’t drink to get drunk though, just to enjoy a glass/bottle or two 😆 and I’ve even gone out late night with the bike, but so far only within 5~7(?) km.

    stupid things this week

    1. San Juan mayor decided to remove the bollards along Ortigas Ave bike lanes (??? then say it’s to “alleviate” traffic, when it has been like that there ever since??)
    2. Mxsk apparently removing the Block feature because “it makes no sense” ???


    Snippet from the manga MARRIAGETOXIN Chapter 58 where Chinatsu winks and smiles to someone else (off-frame) and tells them, “I’m not a very good driver… …but I’m pretty slick on a bike!

    me af

    [from MARRIAGETOXIN chapter 58]

    Happy to see an article covering the experiences of pinay bike commuters 🥰

    It also talks about how Pinay Bike Commuter Community started!! My fellow Pinay bike commuters are also mentioned in the article hehe 💖 let’s go #KabaBIKEihan!! 👏🏻…

    Just wanted to share that I was on GMA’s I-Witness for a few seconds 😆 during one of the rides I joined to go to Pasig River, apparently sir Howie was tagging along wahaha

    You can watch the documentary on YouTube:… We show up at the near end hehe

    I hope the I-Witness documentary covering Pasig River provides people some insight on what the (negative) effects of PAREX could be if the expressway project finishes (since it has some movement but as since stopped? for now??), and I hope it also gets more people to consider how we might make Pasig River be more alive, clean, and benefit the people 😊 #IlogPasiglahin, ika nga hehe

    snippet from the I-Witness documentary, entitled Trip to Pasig, where Chi is seen wearing her signature red helmet and white crop top shirt and gray shorts standing right by the side of Pasig River with other bike commuters, prepping for their ride to Manila Boat Club. Seen on the left side wearing a black helmet and white shirt with the red I-Witness logo is Howie Severino, the documentary’s narrator and who the camera was focused to.

    snippet from the I-Witness documentary, entitled Trip to Pasig, where Chi and her other fellow bike commuters are seen arriving at Manila Boat Club, which is situated next to Pasig River, and are parking their bikes near the wall and around the open space.

    lakad + tao mode today because I hauled a box of empty glass bottles from our house this morning to work for our office’s donation drive. I couldn’t figure out yet how I’d bring both my foldie and the box of bottles by myself 🫠 so I was at the mercy of traffic and rain today.

    Thankfully pwede ako makisabay sa officemate’s Grab that was going the same direction, bumaba ako somewhere along the way and walked na lang para malapit na lang 😆

    Poncho mode pa rin since I still brought my bike bag 😁

    mirror photo of Chi in their condominium’s elevator. She is seen wearing her bike poncho over her work clothes. Her bike bag is in sling mode and set to her left, and in her left hand she is also seen holding a wet folded umbrella.

    Traffic was slow enough that I felt safe to whip out my phone while bike commuting and take a few videos of the state of Kalayaan Bridge, the one that links BGC and Ortigas. 😬🚲

    A random discussion with a friend on what lunch they’re getting today turned out into an impromptu hangout to eat lunch together then stay at a cafe somewhere to co-work 😆

    Thankful for where I’m based, and for both our folding bikes hehe

    First time bringing my trifold bike to the office. It fits nicely under the table, if I don’t have my bag attached to it 😆

    Chi’s trifold bike in the fully folded state positioned next to her table at the office. Her front bag is still attached to the bike.

    Chi’s trifold bike in the fully folded state fitted under her table at the office, and her bike bag placed on her computer chair.

    had to wear the jacket going back home because of a bit of drizzle 😆 also used the rain cover for my front bag this time around!

    wide-angled selfie of Chi in her bike commute attire, with her cycling cap and helmet combo, plus her water resistant jacket for rainy rides.

    my hair did not dry properly. 😆

    First ride with Candy out on the road!

    wide angled selfie of Chi on her trifold bike while waiting on the side of the road

    photo of Chi with her red trifold bike, showing her outfit and her bike commute setup

    this trifold + fancy dcb attached bag is giving me the idea that I can just go trifold to all my lakads ah

    considering how lighter it is than I expected as well 😆

    photo of Chi’s trifold bike folded into the trifolded state, with a front bag still neatly attached and doesn’t seem to hinder bringing it around

    meet Candy 🥰🚲❤️

    It’s a Banian trifold 16" bike! Finally got all my stuff matchy-matchy hehe

    photo of Chi’s two bikes, a red Merida Scultura 200 Disc road bike at the back, and a folded Banian Trifold 16

    closer photo of Chi’s Banian trifold 16

    rainy bike to work 🌧️🚲

    wide angle selfie of Chi in office attire sitting in their office lobby lounge, with her folding bike neatly tucked under a table and seen behind her.

    Chi’s folding bike neatly tucked under a wall table

    View my ride on Strava

    Strava ride of Chi’s rainy bike to work. Her ride was 3.9 kilometers long, with an elevation gain of 51 meters. The ride took a total of 18 minutes and 11 seconds.

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