Figma branching got me scratching my head sometimes 😅 seems like there’s still more ways to improve with this feature :))

    📷 Day 18: fabric #mbsept

    I know I already posted this outfit yesterday, but the prompt calls for fabric. So here it is. 😆

    Chi's full outfit. Her top is a cropped button top of what looks similar to blankets that were popularly used for bed when she was a child, with a black undergarment and a black skater skirt. She's also wearing black stockings and black boots, with her Figma two-toned orange and blue socks peeking above her boots. On her shoulder is her Figma grid tote bag.

    • kumot crop top • figma socks • figma tote bag

    full on designer mode jk 😂 ootd for UX+! see u at SMX MOA later 😄

    Mirror selfie of Chi wearing a crop top with the pattern of a Filipino blanket, black skater skirt, black leggings, Figma patterned socks and black boots. On her right shoulder is her Friends of Figma black-on-white grid patterned tote bag.

    It’s only been a few days since we finally got Figma access for our team at work and I feel so powerful. 2 deliverables I would’ve taken maybe more than a week to work on was now finished in 2 days 😂

    All because I felt more at home with the tool, and I wasn’t taking a break every 30 minutes or so after it either hangs, or I try to do something and it does something I didn’t intend to do 🥲

    We finally have Figma access for our team at work!!! 😭💖 Finally hahahuhuhu I can feel more at home in what I use for designing 🥲

    Finally got to fix up the file and publish the Slider Prototype Variations on Figma Community. Hopefully this helps someone in the future when they’re trying to figure out how to make smoother swipe-to-action prototypes on Figma. 😁

    I want to be more efficient in doing my design work. The Adobe Xd to Miro pipeline is very… tedious 🫠

    I cannot wait for us to really truly migrate to Figma. We’ll still need to use Miro, but at least in Figma I am waaaay faster in working than in Xd 😝

    I made a quick mind map on FigJam on how I wanna organize stuff here in general. IDK if this works, but I guess it’s a start?