Dang, I thought the Framework APAC would be live too (since they have an announcement for it as its own event and all), but I guess since Figma already announced stuff yesterday, it really would just be a replay of the stuff they already did on April 16 🥲

Feels weird to go through this now, since it seemed like it would be its own “event” where people would also be live, sad that APAC still feels like an afterthought. But I guess it’s also fine we have these recordings available? 😅

I wonder if the Office Hours would be live or if it would still be a recording of their office hours during that day. I’m thinking it would be the latter, based on how this is going 😅

I might just update this blog post later in the day once that time slot is open to see if anything changes. I do still have the tab open to play in the background, since… well, not much to do other than listen. 😆 (last update: 12:10PM)

update: 1:37PM — oh nice, the In the file with DBS session is live 😁 cool! Today I learned Zoom Webinars can be integrated into a website like this 😆

update: 2:37PM — Office Hours just finished, and I appreciate it was a live session 😁 Exciting times!

Overall, I still do love hearing about the updates from the Figma team. Makes me excited to make cool stuff!