tapos ko na yakuza 0!! playing yakuza: like a dragon before finishing this made me understand some references 😆 and now i get how they’re all getting tied together hahaha

    Random list of things I want to focus on

    These things don’t really have a deadline in my head, but I guess for the sake of writing stuff down, I want to share them here. Here’s a list of things I want to spend more time on, in no particular order (other than in the order I think about them as I write this): helping out in raising awareness and calling for action to create and further enforce safer spaces for women and vulnerable people on Philippine roads, starting with the closest urban area I’m in, which is Metro Manila learn more about Framer, review my Webflow knowledge, and just find a way to build websites quickly for people who might need help in setting that up be more deliberate in enforcing my boundaries, even with the things I do for myself Take no bullshit, even from friends (especially from friends), and know when to bring things up to further recalibrate a connection (or maybe recognize when it’s time to end things) work on and finish projects, and learn to set milestones and goals so it doesn’t feel neverending?

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    📝🎮 2 weeks into Baldur's Gate 3

    The last week has been spent playing Baldur’s Gate almost every time I get a chance to, which just shows in my total number of hours so far…

    Screenshot of Chi's Steam stats for Baldur's Gate 3. Her playtime the past 2 weeks totals 45.1 hours so far, and she's earned 12 of the 53 (visible) achievements listed in the game. It's good to note that the game was just released last August 3, 2023.

    If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting much, it’s because I am deep, deep into this game and I am not yet sick of it. 😆

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    It’s over, I found where you can play Mahjong in Yakuza: Like a Dragon 🎮 😆🀄️ watch me spend 200+ hours just playing this nyahaha