Looked back at some of the photos I submitted for the photoblogging challenge, and I saw I reposted 1 photo 🙈 Now I know I shouldn’t use that photo moving forward haha!

I also have an entry for today’s challenge. 😁

Got to watch GomBurZa again, this time with my boyfriend, because it’s on Netflix!

Sobrang nakakagago pa rin talaga nung nangyari sa GomBurZa. Goes to show how shitty it really was before and pano naging turning point ito for Filipinos.

Tried out a 5-day meal plan for this week’s food. I’m now on day 3.

I gotta say, I do like not having to worry about what food to eat (as someone living alone). 😆 I’ll eventually compare the experience vs. my old way, which was a mix of ordering food and (attempting) cooking. 😅

Stumped again for what to post for #mbApr day 17 🙈 I’ll mull it over this day hahaha

📷 Day 16: flâneur #mbApr

Was chilling outside the hotel on my first full day in Salzburg back in February. I asked my boyfriend to take this photo of me because I found it amusing that I’m so cold I need my jacket… but here I am, going out in slippers 😆 I needed to balance the temp 😛

Chi is seated on a sofa outside of her hotel and is looking towards the left of the photo, which is where the road is but it's not seen. She's wearing a red puffer jacket and black leggings to keep warm, but also is seen wearing slippers.

On Arc, whenever I want to make a post with an image on my Micro.blog, I can only successfully do it on Lillihub since I write descriptive alt text for the photos I post 😅

I don’t know why the JS alert pop-ups don’t work in Arc. I have yet to also report this specific thing.

Trying out AirChat for the first time

Trying out AirChat (since I got an invite) and, I guess it’s just, this what I’m doing now, the voice post. And… it’s just that so, it’s kinda interesting.

Here is a link.

Went on Web and checked out how the link looked like, and it’s like this below. I guess it’s like the in-between of Video Reels, and you just get the transcript and hear the person saying what’s on the transcript?

So like… async podcasts? 😂 or async voice conversations (??) I don’t know what to think about that kind of format, really. But it’s definitely not the usual. 😆

Screenshot of what the preview looks like from an AirChat link when opened in the browser. In the middle of the screen is a transcript of Chi’s 3 recorded voice messages wrapped around a mobile frame, and on the right of the voice messages wrapper is a QR to scan to download AirChat. The avatar showing Chi’s profile picture in the first message recording has a bunch of blobs bursting behind it, which is a visual cue that that’s the voice memo currently playing. Her full voice memo is: 1, “Hello! Testing this new thing. I guess this is just gonna be a very novel experience. Yeah.” 2, “Makakaintindi kaya to ng Tagalog? I wonder… Kung… Kaya niya yung… Taglish… Like…  How it is in Threads with the voice notes there.” 3, “OMG, kaya siya. So, it looks like gibberish at the start. But then, it eventually… I guess there’s Al that’s trying to understand the voice or the recording and then reorganizing it. Okay. This is cool.

head hurts 😓

📷 Day 15: small #mbApr

“Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world.” (African Wisdom / Afrikanische Weisheit)

Took this photo while walking along the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

Urban art found on the East Side Gallery with text that reads, first in German: “Viele kleine Leute die in vielen kleinen Orten viele kleine Dinge tun, können das Gesicht der Welt verändern.” and then in English: “Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world.” underneath the text block is the credits to "Afrikanische Weisheit"—African wisdom in english.

Just for the sake of posting: jumped on the Arc bandwagon last January 2024! 😁

Chi’s Arc Browser Card, with the label “Excited Connoisseur” under her name. The ARC label shows the date when she made an account for Browser Company’s Arc browser, which was last January 25, 2024.

📷 Day 14: cactus #mbApr

This is the only photo I have with a cactus in it 😆 Tried an iced coffee drink in the local mall a while back. It was OK. Nothing much to say about it 😝

Chi is holding up an iced coffee beverage in a container with the label 19° on it. In the background, a neon sign that reads "Sealed Freshness" in cursive is surrounded by fake cacti plants on a white wall.

My personal Obsidian Vault graph kinda looks like a globe, lol

Screenshot of Chi’s Obsidian Vault graph, showing the nodes clumping up together to seemingly form the landmasses one could see on a globe. One node is highlighted red because that’s the note Chi currently has opened.

Playing Botany Manor right now as part of Game Pass. This is such a cute puzzle game. My kinda jam 😄🎮

📷 Day 13: page #mbApr

Took a photo of this page spread from a book I was reading while going around Taiwan back in April 2023. I just thought it was intriguing.

“Whether instructed to stroke ten thousand cycles or even just a few hundred, the computer never complains. It always complies.”

A page spread from a book where there is a drawing of an infinity loop repeatedly drawn to span both pages. The left page is colored black with white lines, while the right page—with is where the focus is—is white with black lines. There is text at the bottom right corner of the page which reads: "Whether instructed to stroke ten thousand cycles or even just a few hundred, the computer never complains. It always complies."

📷 Day 12: magic #mbApr

Saw these cool shiny playing cards yesterday while at my friend’s cafe and lounge.

Chi is holding a deck of cards partially fanned out in her right hand. The cards themselves have a sheen texture, with the faces or symbols of each of the playing cards just a darker black to make it obvious when light shines on the surface of the card.

Dang, the accessibility description pop-up doesn’t work on Arc when making new posts via the Micro.blog website 😢 The page is just frozen until I change the tab.

I don’t know whether to report this as a bug on Arc’s end, or also on Micro.blog’s end… 😅 But I have been noticing some overlays not working on Arc too, so I guess I’ll include this in the list.

gasp omg it has been a while since I last explored Micro.blog stuff! Thread crossposting won’t be hard anymore 😆

Screenshot of Micro.blog’s Cross-post button in posts, with the context menu showing the following options: Threads, Mastodon: social.lol, Tumblr, Bluesky: chiawase.bsky.social, and Twitter / X.

First time seeing Recommendations here in Micro.blog. Gonna read up more on it. I hope the people and accounts I do eventually add (?) wouldn’t mind I link to them though 😆

📷 Day 11: sky #mbApr

Tried windsurfing back in February 2022. That was fun! I’d like to do it again someday 😁

Chi is controlling a windsurfer going to the right of the point-of-view while in the middle of Caliraya Lake in Laguna. The blue sky takes up majority of the shot, with a few clouds and some sun rays visible. In the background, a forest can be seen lining up right before the shore that draws a line in the middle of the shot.

📷 Day 10: train #mbApr

Hmm, train. Train… station? 😁

Took a photo of this self-service ticketing machine while waiting for the S-Bahn in Berlin. It still made use of paper for the tickets bought here, but it works. Goes to show even if you don’t fully digitize something, if it works, it works 😆

A self-service ticketing machine with two verification stands in front of the stairs leading to the entrance of the S-Bahn in Berlin.