okay I finished paying some bills again, time to make full use of the holiday and not think about things for a while ;;

Stardew Valley here I come (back) 🎮

the only agenda I have for today & this week is to rest and recover! -2 wisdom teeth 🦷🦷

#timelapse #drawings

Just finished Viewfinder!! Lovely game, I’m really a sucker for these kind of puzzle games. 😆 Also happy to see a friend’s name in the credits :3

i got ice cream :3

i want ice cream :c

Are there any Helluva Boss fans around here huhu please I just wanna share in the amazement of Fizz knowing sign language and talking to one of his deaf fans during their meet & greet 🥹

-2 wisdom teeth lolz 🦷🦷

run, cat, run

Chi about to carry her folded bike up some stairs that have Christmas or fairy lights draped on the railings, looking at the camera in an amused state. Her bike bag is in messenger bag mode, with her helmet strapped to the bag. A cat can also be seen blurry and running away from the stairs because it was initially chilling underneath it before Chi approached the area.

ok I am ready to go out and bike, there are no clouds in sight, it’s a hot day but i will just manage and do my best before my dinner with friends laterrr

Every time I see posts from friends who share their milestones online & see lots of people commenting “congrats girl!!” “we’re so proud of you!” and other positive messages, part of me feels a bit envious that they are more vocal in sharing support.

But I guess I’ll just be my own cheerleader 😆

I caved and bought Viewfinder on Steam. 😆 It was on sale!!! 🙈

@miguelmanalo I am now with you in the puzzle solving 😁🧩

omg I have so much footage from the community ride through the Iloilo bike lanes and I wanna compile them immediately because I know the more time passes the more I’ll forget about them or get too busy to put it together 🫠 (see: Taiwan 2023 trip hahahuhuhu)

Just got back from Iloilo! I’m grateful I got to talk about the current PH transportation sector gaps based on my personal experience as a commuter (and bike commuter!) + shared the story of how Pinay Bike Commuter Community started 🥰 Thank you to Climate Reality Project PH!

daming birds nakaperch sa power lines around Iloilo City! baka dahil kasi uulan nun? (bago neto yung biglang buhos ng ulan, nakasilong na kami nun 😆)

excited for tomorrow 😁

my outfit for today! I need to get another cardigan type and maybe white sneakers so I can rotate around outfit pieces more 😆

Chi's ouftit, which is a red turtleneck sheer top tucked in her long beige skirt, and with a gray cardigan and black sandals. She's also wearing her signature makeup look, which is cat eye eyeliner and red lipstick.

good morning! 🌞 At Iloilo City Hall now for the Move Together in-person workshop by Climate Reality Project PH 😄

with fellow speakers Celine and Chuck 😊

Selfie of Chi with Celine Tabinga from Mobility Awards PH and Chuck Baclagon from 350 Pilipinas at the Iloilo City Hall Auditorium.

what i drew to pass the time while waiting for my flight

My drawing reminds me of this game titled “Florence” because of my coloring. 😆

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Taiwan? no, ✨Cubao✨ 😂😂😂

pero in all seriousness happy ako may P2P bus nang papuntang NAIA so I don’t have to be dependent on Grab all the time!

Sana dumami pa yung mga P2P buses around the city to get to places 🚌

hoping the PH feels more and more accessible without a car in the coming years!

alright, today is gonna be a long day. Let’s get through it!