Kinda overthought that Day 7 prompt. I just used it as an excuse to show that amusing photo of me 😆

📷 Day 7: well-being #mbApr

Interpreted this as, which would showcase how comfy and content I was?

This is one example: me being eaten by my boyfriend’s jacket because I underestimated the cold during that evening 😆

Chi is laughing while wearing her boyfriend's black big winter jacket with a fluffy hoodie, because it looks like she's being eaten by the jacket with the hoodie on top of her head. Behind her is the Salzach in Salzburg, Austria. The sky is dim, because it's early evening.

Now a bit challenged for Day 7’s prompt. Gets me into thinking :))) I know I don’t have to think too much about it, but I want to at least have a bit of a memory attached to the photos I share 😆

Posted late for Day 6 because I was on recovery mode again yesterday. But today I’m trying to get back into it.

📷 Day 6: windy #mbApr

I realize I don’t have any (recent?) photo showing any wind (or photos of windy places for that matter) so here’s a selfie I took last year while riding around Taiwan on a bike. There would be super windy days that I learned to just put on more layers if I’m biking around 😆

📷 Day 5: serene #mbApr

Took photos while walking along the riverside during my visit to Austria last February. I wanna go back soon. Things were peaceful then.

Chi looking toward the distance in front of the Salzach. The sun is shining from the upper right corner of the photo, and in the distance the University of Salzburg is in full view.

I’m the one that suggested the prompt for today’s @challenge but it’ll take me a bit to look for an image for this 😆😆

The past few prompts so far were assisted by my Photo app’s search function nyahaha

Very cute 😄 Hope Figma keeps this feature up 😁

Snapshot of the Figma cursor with an 8-bit heart icon and Chi Señires's name shown under it, for Figma's April Fun 2024 feature. The URL "" is shown on the lower right corner of the frame.

Jollibee has nuggets now 😆 about time they did! 😛

Tastes ok. Nuggets are nuggets 😁 I’m happy I can order this at Jollibee now hahaha

A promotional poster from Jollibee in front of their cashier registers sharing that Chicken Nuggets is now available.

📷 Day 4: foliage #mbApr

Took a photo of this cat with one of its legs not tucked under while I was at the Houtong Cat Village last year.

A black and white colored cat curled under the branches of a potted plant, taking cover from the sun. One of the cat's legs is laid down on the side of the ledge.

Just tried out FitXR, and I’m thinking after the first 2 classes I did (sculpt & HIIT), I’ll do this as part of my workout routine for the month of April 😁💪🏻

📷 Say 3: Card #MBApr

I took a photo of this credit card reader on the remote for in-flight entertainment during my flight to Europe last February. I was amused seeing this in an era where cashless is getting more popular 😆 I guess before you could buy stuff with you card while on thr plane 😄

A credit card reader seen on the side of the remote available for in-flight entertainment in an airplane. The text above the card slot reads: "Pull to Stow | Stow and Latch for taxi, takeoff and landing"

📷 Day 2: Flowers #mbapr

One year ago! Took a photo of the YouBike I rented while going around Taichung, Taiwan. There were some cherry blossoms along Tanya Shen bikeway which we were traversing through 😊🌸

A YouBike parked under a cherry blossom tree. In the background, the Tanya Shen bikeway is visible with a few cyclists passing by.

📷 Day 1: Toy #mbapr

Sharing this 3d-printed neko atsume style cat printed by my boyfriend, and colored in (with markers) by me 😁

There are 3 more cats like this, and they just stay seated on my monitor’s stand accompanying me 🐈

A 3d-printed white cat with distinctive features like its ears, eyes, nose, mouth, paws, and tail tip colored in with a black marker. The cat is seated on a computer deskmat.

I stayed online enough to clean up my inbox of unnecessary newsletters and cleaned through old event invites and other threads.

I hope I eventually find the time to clean up my subscriptions. Maybe in the coming PTO I booked in April.

General PSA: but I have been hibernating since maybe last week, and I don’t know when I’ll go back to regular posting or regularly being online

maybe come April, I’ll get back into it again

Finally have time to myself. I hope I actually get to do the cleaning I told everyone I was gonna do during this time. 😆

Hay, I really should have bought the Meta Rayban Smart Glasses when I saw them in Austria. I just want a stylish way to record quick clips of things I see (mostly for my bike commute) and also get the bonus of not having to wear headphones if I need to listen to music or talk to someone while out.

bakit ang dami kong meeting this week 😭 tawad po pls i want to actually work T___T

(additional anecdote: kaya ko lang din naman dinedread mag attend sa mga meetings na ‘to kasi it keeps me from doing the work I need to do… pls can people learn to write and chat more so at least discussions can also be documented 🥲)

The work continues.