my voice is still raspy when I speak lol is this due to my screaming while riding amusement park rides last thursday 😂

guh it’s hard to make a presentation that’s supposed to be inspiring and all when I’m being slowly eaten up by my lack of self-worth thoughts again

i would take a break but i think i’ve taken too many breaks

I feel pumped up. I hope I get to finish this talk I’m putting together today. I think I have everything in my mind now; I just need to organize it into the form of a 30-40 minute presentation 😆

this day was so much fun 🥰 didn’t expect it to be, but am glad it is 😁

bakit ang dilim sa SLEX? wala pala mga street lights rin dito? would expressways need them? (technically all roads do naman diba…? D:)

napaisip lang now as I’m riding a UV Express back to Metro Manila and nasisilawan ako dahil sa lahat ng mga headlights ng mga kotse sa kabilang side.

Update: ok now I’m seeing some street lights, pero for certain sections lang. Or kung meron man, I don’t see it turned on?

Updated my profile again, this time updating some links listed here + updating my bio. I’m thinking I could add a bit more here, but I’ll not pressure myself so I can still feel good every time I do update this 😅

tapos ko na yakuza 0!! playing yakuza: like a dragon before finishing this made me understand some references 😆 and now i get how they’re all getting tied together hahaha

sobbing why do nice things cost money 🥹 i saw a really cute skirt, swimsuit, and dress 🤧

Today feels like a holiday at work, but only because probably half of the company is at Enchanted Kingdom celebrating with family and friends because of our 10th Year Anniversary 😆

Tomorrow it’s my turn with my friends 😎

A friend asked me how I was and, after listing down all the things I know I’ve yet to do, like my presentation on smart and inclusive mobility that I have to present next week at a conference 😱 + visa application prep!!, I also wondered why I feel like… there’s less structure in my days.

Then I remembered: Oh right, I bought a game recently. It has been living in my head rent-free 😂

I need to put it down for the next few days, though. Work mode for now :))

im so sleeeeepyyyyyy 😪 (stayed up until 2 to play synth riders 🎮)

first was 🎮 beat saber, then oh shape, and now synth riders. I am thoroughly enjoying getting custom songs to play on these vr rhythm games 😆


Hello! Things have been going well so far. Slowly but surely I’m doing my best to be more deliberate with the things I do. I’m working towards being more honest with myself, in terms of what I want to do, who I want to spend it with, and overall just taking care of myself. Here’s hoping next week is stable for me. -Chi #timelapse

Look at this. Ridiculous 😝

I only go there because my boyfriend keeps sending me tweets from time to time, since technically the rest of the world is still on that god-forsaken site, despite the shitshow happening there 😆

Just missing one more X and… 🤭

Screenshot of a browser tab showing the favicon of X, formerly known as Twitter, as the X logo, with the title of the website "X" also next to it. It then looks like an "X x" on the browser tab.

Random list of things I want to focus on

These things don’t really have a deadline in my head, but I guess for the sake of writing stuff down, I want to share them here. Here’s a list of things I want to spend more time on, in no particular order (other than in the order I think about them as I write this): helping out in raising awareness and calling for action to create and further enforce safer spaces for women and vulnerable people on Philippine roads, starting with the closest urban area I’m in, which is Metro Manila learn more about Framer, review my Webflow knowledge, and just find a way to build websites quickly for people who might need help in setting that up be more deliberate in enforcing my boundaries, even with the things I do for myself Take no bullshit, even from friends (especially from friends), and know when to bring things up to further recalibrate a connection (or maybe recognize when it’s time to end things) work on and finish projects, and learn to set milestones and goals so it doesn’t feel neverending?

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some people elsewhere really have all the time in the world just to harrass and belittle others.

i am personally bothered, but at the same time it seems inevitable if I continue to voice out concerns. Such is the life of a mobility advocate, I guess?

Figma branching got me scratching my head sometimes 😅 seems like there’s still more ways to improve with this feature :))

later naman i’ll go out so maybe that’ll give me a change of pace

weekly; unfiltered, timelapse

the episodes have become weekly. I find it a bit amusing that even my moods or emotions follow a 2-week sprint. I guess that’s the effect of my work on me. I wanna feel better, get better. I’m trying to be more honest with myself. And also be more caring for my wellbeing. After I do so, anyway, I feel lighter. Sometimes I can get out of the rut by myself.

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I either need to talk to someone again today or… really just focus on a particular task without any interruptions.

The brain fog is strong today, and the emotions are low. Medyo weekly na siya. This is a bit concerning 🫠